Sunday, November 27, 2016

Still Captures Player of Year

Dalton @PlzFold Still took down the 2016 Ante Up World Championships Player of the Series last August and gets his picture on the cover of Ante Up Magazine. If that was not enough, Still has just secured the overall Ante Up Poker Tour Player of the Year title with additional cashes in events here during the NorCal Classic.

Still and Matt Boddorf battled down to the Main Event where Still cashed in 56th and Boddorf 44th. The Player of the Year race was up for grabs, however, with Still leading by about 41 points. Still jumped in the 2pm Action8 and Boddorf the 7pm Bounty Event - the final two tournaments in the series and of the year for the poker tour. Boddorf needed to cash in the Bounty and finish higher than Still would in Action 8.

Boddorf was unable to finish in the money in the bounty tourney, while Still remains in the Action8 and in the money, securing his win.

There's three nights at Thunder Valley Resort and a $250 resort credit coming to Still during the 2017 Ante Up World Championships for his Player of the Year title.