Saturday, November 26, 2016

They're All Here

If you are a NorCal tournament poker player, it appears you're already here for the NorCal Classic Main Event at @TVPokerRoom. I just did a walk through the 29 active tournament tables and this place is LOADED.

There's no line to register right now, no alternates, but get down here if you've not yet made it. Registration is open until 4:25pm.

Among those already here is Kevin O'Donnell, Greg White, Chris Hinchcliffe, Todd Graham, Michael Loncar, Jasthi Kumar, Joe Nguyen, Sean Drake, Craig Gold, Darrell Dier, Tahoe Andrew, Daniel Evans, Tony Bracy, Jean Houle, Ivin Arquiza, John Sheehan, Gina Stagnitto, Rafael Craft, Cheri Walkace, Tony Yuke, Monte Gilley, Jeff Roy, Adam Sanchez, Victor Paredes, Rick Colson, Walter Robertson, Anton Dimagiba, Dal Bains, Greg Wagner, Vincent Moscati, Mark Lehnert, Hieu Le, Aram Alexander, Rickey Evans, Giuseppe Petrillo, Phil Shoup, Rose Erhart, Mo Disriye, Bojana Weimer, Art Tanimoto, Lena Evans, Sok Chean, Marcos Stokes, Bobby Corpos and Jeff Wakamiya.

Level - 2
Blinds - 75/150
Entries - 238