Tuesday, November 22, 2016

They Named it After Me

I am @TVPokerRoom and today's 5pm tourney is named after me - how cool is that 👊.

This is the kickoff event for the Ante Up Poker Tour's NorCal Classic, today at 5pm is a $155 Hold'em with 12,000 starting stacks and 20-minute levels for the first 6 levels.

Registration closes when Level 7 starts at 7:15pm, and you play 30-minute levels the rest of the tournament.

OK, now, back to the fact I have my own tournament named after me. I am a Twitter account, and I have my own tourney ... that's even better than a Twitter Checkmark.

Good luck, everyone, enjoy 'my' tournament, and be sure to follow me on Twitter, I am @TVPokerRoom - your source for everything that takes place in The Poker Room at Thunder Valley Resort.