Saturday, January 21, 2017

12 From The End

The remaining 36 Day 1D players are on a 15-minute break as @JohnQTD colors up the 100-chips. When action resumes, play is at Level 15. This is the level that Day 2 is going to roll back to, as it is where Day 1A ended. Day 2 kicks off at the lowest level any opening flight closed at, so some players get a rollback.

Meanwhile, Day 1D is now 7 from the money (places 25-29 cash for $650) and 12 from the end of the night. The final 24 all bag-n-tag to come back for the 11am start of Day 2. PLEASE be here by 10:45am to get your chips out and be ready for cards in the air at 11.

Thank you, you may now move about the airplane.

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