Sunday, January 22, 2017

2nd and 3rd for Gonzalez

Toan Nguyen loses a 1,000,000 pot to Roland Brizuela, then moves all-in the next hand from the button. Rafael Gonzalez (above) hesitates from the BB, asks for a count (550,000) and finds a fold.

Gonzalez moves all-in from the SB on the next hand and Nguyen snap-calls.

Gonzalez - Kc Kc
Nguyen - Kc Kc

The Kc Kc Kc flop kills a few outs from Gonzalez. The Kc turn kills even more, and the river Kc closes it out.

The dealer counts out Nguyen's stack to 725,000. Next is Gonzalez and he has 640,000, eliminating Gonzalez in third place, one place shy of his finish in this event last July.

Rafael Gonzalez -  $22,040

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