Friday, January 27, 2017


Yeah, I know it is only 7:15pm but Day 1A Main Event players are in to their final three 40-minute levels of the day. Play ends after 14 levels (9pm) for players to bag chips and head to High Steaks before the kitchen closes at 10pm.

Kao Saechao, Sharon Sanchez, Bob Mather, Mike Postle, Richard Brizuela, Brett Murray, Huan Cung, Anton Dimagiba, Tony Bracy, Srini Godavarthy, Sean Drake, Justo Avalos Harlan Karnofsky, Mark Lehnert, Mario Lopez, Craig Gold, Gary Pisarek, Mike Harvey, Yotam Shmuelov, Darrel Dier, Frederic Solis, Jed Hoffman, Ian Kalman, Michael Cooper, Steve Kujubu, Chad Vitale, Eugene Schwartz and Erle Mankin are among those looking for a Day 2 bag.

Level - 12
Blinds - 800/1600
Antes - 200
Players Left - 48

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