Wednesday, January 25, 2017

30,000 Chips for a $340 Thursday Tourney

Play the Main Event structure with 30,000 chips, all for just $340 this Thurday at 11am in the $20,000 Guaranteed Main Event Preview.

Every level is in, just as it is for this weekend's $1100 buyin, $250,000 guaranteed "The Final Table," Main Event ... but pay only $345 and get a Preview of what the structure is like to play.

Level-lengths are the only difference, 20 minutes the first 8 levels, 30 minutes after - that way this can end in one day - compared to the 3-day-long Main Event this weekend.

Registration is open until 1:55pm ... 30,000 chips in play per player .. come join the fun.

Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates