Sunday, January 22, 2017

Adam Burba - 5th Place - $12,300

Toan Nguyen opens and Adam Burba calls. Burba check-calls the 125,000 bet from Nguyen on the Kc Kc Kc flop.

Burba check-calls the 250,000 bet from Nguyen on the Kc.

The river is Kc and Burba again checks. Nguyen pauses and works through his options before asking the dealer for the green "All In," button.

Burba doesn't hesitate long before making the call.

Nguyen turns over Kc Kc and Burba's head sinks in to his hoodie as he shows Kc Kc, in by far the biggest pot of the entire tournament.

Adam Burba - $12,300
Toan Nguyen - 4,600,000

Level - 27
Blinds - 30k/60k
Antes - 10k
Players Left - 4

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