Friday, January 27, 2017

Faces in the Day 1 Crowd


We grabbed a photo of one player per table to kick off the Main Event Faces in the Crowd. We begin with the look of someone who ended up all the way to Ikea before he realized he'd driven right past his exit while coming from Reno. Michael Cooper (above) is at table 1 with folks like Bob Mather.

Huan Cung (above) is always smiling and laughing when playing poker here at Thunder Valley. He's joined at his table by Rafael Gonzalez, Cheri Wallace, Anton Dimagiba and Srini Godavarthy.

Best Scarf for Day 1A should get a 2,500-chip bonus. Tony Yuke is vying for today's honor, at his table with Mark Lehnert, Tony Bracy, Mario Lopez and Greg Wagner.

Joseph Arent is anchoring his table today that includes Mike Harvey, Charisse Case and Jasthi Kumar.

Derrick Geliberte final-tabled the last Main Event he played here at Thunder Valley, the $500,000 HPT Season Championships. He's over with Damion Underwood, Bill Watchman, Ian Kalman, Tracy Oto and Sharon Sanchez.

Chad Vitale came back today despite the fact I left him out of the final table updates last night in the $340 Main Event Preview. Thanks for comin' back. His table has Ed Miller among those playing.

Duke Lee is set up at an outer table today, disguising part of his face from tablemates Gary Pisarek, Roland Brizuela, Johnny Trips Sheehan and Steve Kujubu

Level - 2
Blinds - 75/150
Entries - 61

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