Wednesday, January 4, 2017

125 Through 3

First break is here in Action 8 and the board shows 125 entries.

Among those here for the first of three flights in this $250 buyin with $100,000 guarantee is Michael Loncar - winner of the NorCal Classic Main Event last November - Kathy Stahl, Jasthi Kumar, Jeff Wakamiya, Anton Dimagiba, Dan McGee, Srini Godavarthy, Dal Bains, Sean Drake, Jerry Cohen, Sok Chean, Steve Kujubu, Sharon Sanchez, Ed Miller, Cheri Svensen, Daniel Evans, Zeev Malkin, Darrell Cain, Al Ahlm, Charisse Case, Jake Lipton, Erik Eichmann, Rafael Gonzalez, Tahoe Andrew and Mike Husa.

If I missed your name, well, writer's cramp ..I am out of practice after no tourney reporting for two whole weeks!

--Dan Ross
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