Saturday, January 21, 2017

Folding Kings Preflop Closes Day 1C

Tracy Oto opens for a minraise, Richard Palmer light 3-bets and a 3rd very short-stacked player moves all in from the BB for less than the initial raise.

Oto 4-bets only to have Palmer shove for what looks to be just about the same amount Oto has.

Oh yeah, did I mention the shortstacked all-in player is making it pretty clear his hand isn't very strong AND this is the end-of-night bubble.

Oto finds a fold and flips his cards face up.

He just showed K-K .... and Palmer shows A-A.

Yep, folding Kings preflop was the right play. The shortstacked player shows K-T.

The board runs out Q-7-Q-A-J ... Broadway for the shortstack, but a boat for Palmer and Boat Don't Lie .... the night is over.

Here are Day 1C's 12 qualifiers for Sunday's Day 2 in the $250,000 Guaranteed Monolith.

Cotton Zochar Berkeley, CA 269,000
Jeff Wakamiya Sacramento, CA 262,500
Srini  Godavarthy Mountain House, CA 228,000
Gary Moore McKinleyville, CA 214,000
Richard Palmer Whitebread, ID 209,500
Azaan Nagra Roseville, CA 183,000
Adam Burba granite Bay, CA 100,500
Tracy Oto Sacramento, CA 99,500
Ed Miller Granite Bay, CA 70,000
Kevin Wagner Redding, CA 52,500
Mario Lopez Cloverdale, CA 50,500
Sok Chean Sacramento, CA 46,000

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