Sunday, January 29, 2017

Harlan Doubles Early

Harlan Karnofsky was the big winner is yesterday's poker Night in America cash game, cashing out for $10k more than his buyin.

Now he's moved over to Day 2 of The Final Table Main Event, and he moves all in for slightly less than the 45,000 flop bet of Bill Watchman, with the board reading Kc Kc Kc. Giuseppe Petrillo takes a long time before making the call, sending Watchman and Petrillo to the turn.


Petrillo checks, Watchman moves all-in, and Petrillo grimaces and folds KQ face up, walking away from the open-ended straight draw.

Watchman shows AJ for TopTop, but he's drawing dead against the TT of Karnofsky, who must be glad Watchman pushed Petrillo off his draw.

Well, didn't matter at the end as the river was a K, and Karnofsky triples to 137,000.

Level - 15
Blinds - 1500/3000
Antes - 500
Players Left - 82

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