Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hero Call is Good

There's 20,000 in the pot and a river all-in bet of another 20,000 on the 9-6-3-Q-4 board. Al Sanchez (above) now has a decision to make for all but 15,000 of his chips.

Sanchez takes some time to consider how the action went (before I showed up on the river) and he finds a call.

His challenger doesn't want to show, but Sanchez stays still until Kc Kc is shown for second pair.

Sanchez then turns over Kc Kc - also second pair but a BETTER second pair and he rakes the chips, as his challenger shakes his head in disbelief that he was called there.

Al Sanchez - 75,000

Level - 8
Blinds - 500/1000
Antes - 100
Players Left - 79

Dan Ross
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