Sunday, January 8, 2017

No Problem

's shirt says it all for the 20 players who won their way today in to the $3,500 WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event set for March 11-15.  and the other 19 earned their way in via today's 20-seat-guarantee Super Mega satellite.

Here are the 20 players who are going to be part of the more-than-a-milly-in-prize-money field in March.

David Valdez
Ed Miller
Jeff Wakamiya
Frank Loera
Ken Jorgensen
Steven Silva
Edward Bailey
Marc Wolpert
Kyle Welter
Kao Saechao
Paul Brown
Timothy Phillips
Jay Geigle
Brandon Harper
Ruben Soliz
Quy Dao
Denzel Suntay
John Duong
Steven Geralis
Steven Jackson