Saturday, January 21, 2017

Oops, um, Yay

About half the players over at Table 5 are standing, watching a hand play out, and Charisse Case (above) gives a quadruple-fistpump and a cheer. I guess that means it is time for me to go over and see what happened.

A short-stacked player moved all-in, followed by another, with action moving to Case, and she shoved from the button to isolate the short stacks. Well, the BB has what looks to be an equal stack to Case, and he calls, so there's four all-ins.

ShortStack 1 - 2/2
Shortstack 2 - J/T
Case - A/J
BB - Q/Q

Case's idea worked, until the player in the BB acted.

Well, that's until an Ace came in the window, and another on the turn. The dealer counts Case's stack, 61,200, and now the BB stack ... that's barely less and Case scores a triple-knockout to move to 165,000.

There was a level-up as I tried to figure out everything that took place. Good thing Rick Peterson was sitting to the right of Case. he was able to give me the play-by-play rundown.

Level - 13
Blinds - 1000/2000
Antes - 300
Players Left - 56

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