Friday, January 27, 2017

Roland Bags Top Stack

Monolith Champ Roland Brizuela has his #RunGood going. He won $43,300 last weekend and an entry into this $250,000 guaranteed Main Event. he just parlayed that entry in to the Top Stack of the 30 players advancing from today's Day 1 on to Sunday's Day 2.

Here are the 30 players advancing to Sunday. Play begins at 11am at Level 15 (blinds of 1500/3000 with 500 antes)

Roland Brizuela Sacramento, CA 218,000
Mike Cooper Reno, NV 209,000
Eugene Schwartz Richmond, CA 201,500
Huan Cung Elk Grove, CA 186,500
Erle Mankin Sacramento, CA 181,500
David Forster Alameda, CA 177,500
Darrel Dier Acampo, CA 144,000
Paul Lentz, Jr. SF. CA 140,500
Mike Harvey SF. CA 135,000
Tony Gutierrez Lincoln, CA 112,000
Jim Pak San Jose, CA 104,000
Kao Saechao Portland, OR 102,000
Andy Witek Nevada City, CA 99,500
Srini Godavarthy Mtn. House, CA 95,500
Rob Anderson Grass Valley, CA 92,000
Bob Mather Redding, CA 91,500
Jed Hoffman Reno, NV 90,000
Sean Drake Citrus Heights, CA 87,000
Steve Saklad Walnut Creek, CA 81,500
Mike Postle Southaven, MS 80,500
Frederic Soria Roseville, CA 78,500
Chad Vitale Sacramento, CA 78,000
Danny Smith Folsom, CA 73,500
Harlan Karnofsky Sacramento, CA 72,500
Phillip Rhodes Cottonwood, CA 63,500
Josh Morrow Chico, CA 57,500
Seth Fischer SF. CA 54,500
Justin Chan Newark, CA 53,000
Gary Pisarek Auburn, CA 52,000
Sharon Sanchez Penryn, CA 40,000

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