Wednesday, January 4, 2017

When Does Tonight End?

@Michael_Loncar - the @AnteUpMagazine NorCal Classic Champ - just asked how long Day 1A of the Action8 is scheduled to go.

Well, Michael, it's gonna run as long as it takes!

Ya see, there's no time limit for Action8, as each of the three flights shuts down when down to 8 percent of the overall starting field for that flight. Based on that, here's what the rest of the night has in store for the remaining 32 players who now are in Level 12.

19-32nd place = no cash
16-18th place = $375 cash but no bag-n-tag for Day 2
13-15th place = $450 cash but no Day 2 bag-n-tag
Final 12 players all are in the money AND bag chips to advance to Friday's 5pm start Day 2.

We'll have the chipcounts for the final 12 posted early-ish tomorrow morning.

Dan Ross
Hold'em Live Updates.