Monday, January 23, 2017

Win a $250,000 GTD Main Event Seat for $65

Step up today at 1pm to work your way to an entry in this weekend's $1100 "The Final Table," $250,000 Guaranteed Main Event.

Five players are guaranteed to win a seat in to a $250 Main Event qualifier from this StepSatellite that awards a $250 qualifier seat. to 1-in-5 entries. Start with 7,500 chips and play 15-minute levels until the seats are awarded.

Registration is open until the start of Level 7 at about 2:40pm.

There's a whole bunch of $250 Qualifiers offered this week, with a total of 50 Main Event seats guaranteed via those $250 qualifiers taking place Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The $1100 buyin Main Event has two starting flights - 11am Friday and Saturday - with Day 2 on Sunday and a 5-handed "The Final Table," filmed for television at Noon on Monday.

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