Saturday, February 18, 2017

Gouge Runs Up a Big Stack

First to 150,000, first to 200,000 and the only player so far to make it to 300,000 - Matt Gouge leads the way as 17 players advance tonight from Day 1C on to the Day 2 restart in the Catapult.

Gouge ran strong all day, while Shawn Roberts and Bill Watchman put on late runs to get Day 2 bags. Roberts was down to 15BB with three levels left in the night, found the gas pedal and never let up, closing out with 274,000 and the third-best stack of the night.

Watchman was down to less than 10BB on the money bubble - all in on the bubble without a call, then found two double-ups in the final hands to bag 112,000 a few hands in to Level 16 (blinds 4k/8k with 1k antes).

Here are the 17 - from a starting field of 205 - who bagged a Day 2 stack in Day 1C.

Matt Gouge Sacramento, CA 318,000
Ronaldo Araracap Stockton, CA 275,000
Shawn Roberts Lincoln, CA 274,000
Travis Fujisaka Walnut Creek, CA 204,500
Al Sanchez Penryn, CA 184,000
Wilton Alejandro n/a 175,000
Wilson Tolon Elk Grove, CA 173,000
Fong Yang Fresno, CA 135,000
Ken Krause Marysville, CA 122,500
Mark Nishita Rocklin 118,500
Matt Moore Rocklin, CA 112,500
Bill Watchman Reno, NV 112,000
Floro Bayongan Vallejo, CA 110,000
Masoud Safapour Roseville, CA 94,500
John Huey Sacramento, CA 73,500
Matt Weaver Elk Grove, CA 43,000
Jason Sprinkle Fairfield, CA 27,500

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