Sunday, February 19, 2017

Jerry Jones - 8th Place - $3,350

Roland Quinones bets out 350,000 on a J-8-7-T board, and former national BMX cycling champ Jerry Jones (above) moves all in for his last 480,000.

Quinones hesitates to make the call despite the fact it is for barely more than a single bet, with the BB 100,000 at this level. He does find a call and turns over K/Q for an open-ended straight draw and two overs.

Jones shows Q/J for top pair, Queen kicker.

The river is a 9, giving Jones the Queen-high straight ... it gives Quinones, however, the King-high straight and Jones is out in 8th place, a $3,350 cash.

Roland Quinones - 4,000,000

There was a LevelUp as I wrote this, so action is now at

Level - 27
Blinds - 60k/120k
Antes - 20k
Players Left - 7

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