Thursday, February 16, 2017

Launch Yourself Into Catapult Day 1A

NorCal's largest-Entry-Ever poker tournament is back, and Day1A just kicked off. The $155 Catapult with a $100,000 guarantee is underway

Start with 12,000 chips, play 20-minute levels during the 6 levels of registration. Switch to 30-minute levels at 7:15pm when registration closes and Level 7 starts.

Make the final 12 percent of today's entries and you'll be in the money. Make the final 8 percent and you bag chips to come back Sunday for Day 2.

Bag a stack, or cash-n-don't-bag and you can still play one of the four remaining flights (Friday 11a/5p - Saturday 9a/5p) as this is a Best Stack Forward event.

For more specifics, check out the structure sheet below.

Level - 1
Blinds - 25/50
Entries - 90

Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates