Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Chips of @EliseoCampos8 Are Gone

Massive chipleader Ronald Quinones opens for 160,000 and onetime chip-and-a-chair Eliseo Campos moves in for his last 360,000. Quinones asks for a count and makes the call.

Quinones - A/J
Campos - Q/Q

The flop is 7-A-5, no Queen on the turn or river and Campos, who was sitting with one single 500 chip with blinds at 2k/4k and 500 ante. Yep, he only had an ante left.

Campos finishes 13th, cashes for $1,515

Quinones moves to 3,150,000 .. there's only 14.3 milly in play.

Donna Delfin is eliminated a few hands later in 13th, a $1,940 cash.

Level - 24
Blinds - 30k/60k
Antes - 10k
Players Left - 12

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