Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Crazy JJ Flops It

Allan Fernando makes it 2,200, John Hadley comes along, as does Jerry Jones (above) on a Kc Kc Kc Kc board.

Fernando check the Kc river, Hadley makes it 3,000 and Jones puts his last 6,475 in the middle. Fernando hesitates, then flips out a single yellow 1k chip to indicate a call, then Hadley throws a handful of yellow 1k's and a red 5k also, hears the dealer say "raise," and he tries to take chips back, acting as though he didn't mean to do that.

Hadley is held by the dealer to the raise to 14,000, Fernando shakes his head and mucks, and Hadley shows Kc Kc for a gutter straight flush draw that became a King-high flush.

Jones, however, shows Kc Kc - he flopped a boat, and 'round these parts Boat Don't Lie ...

Jerry Jones - 29,000

Level - 2
Blinds 75/100
Entries - 78

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