Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hadley's Freeroll Becomes $81,930

John Hadley won a @WPT Main Event seat through a freeroll at his local Livermore Casino in the Bay Area. He turned that in to a three-day run and a third-place finish for a $81,930 cash.

"This was awesome, what a great event," Hadley said to Ben Erwin, @TVPokerRoom Director of Operations, a few minutes after his final table appearance ended. "I was encouraged by all the great staff at Thunder Valley, the people around talking with me about what to expect and I got a little advice on how to play certain people."

Hadley build a solid stack early in his opening day's play, slipping back to 54,000 by the end of Day 1. He moved that stack up more than 9x as Day 2 progressed, bagging more than 470,000 and the 4th biggest stack of the 53 who came back for Day 3. Making the 6-handed final table last night, though, left Hadley a bit distracted as well as happy.

"I drove home last night after play ended, got lost a little bit on the way there, and ended up only being able to sleep about four hours," Hadley said to Erwin. "I was thinking .. about today."

Hadley's last hand was a preflop four-bet all-in with AQ. Mike Del Vecchio snap-called with 66, a hand that Hadley went 1-for-3 with throughout the final table. Hadley ran 66 in to AA twice in the first few orbits of the day, then he doubled-up with 66 later on.

This time, there was a 6 on the river to give Del Vecchio a set, marking the conclusion of the WPT for Hadley.

"I was happy I survived. This was a tough field and I went in hoping to play the best I could."

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