Friday, March 10, 2017

James Out, Mimi Triples Up

All in on the flop A9 of Alex Foxen > K9 of James Matuszewski on a 9-4-5 flop and Matuszewski is left with 1BB while Foxen moves to 900,000.

All-in the next hand with 7T against the 55 of Mario Lopez, Matuszewski sees the board run out 7-3-8-6-9 and they both get a straight, but Matuszewski's Ten-high is better than the 9-high of Lopez.

Mimi Luu is now the short stack as Matuszewski moves to 100k and Luu is at 85k.

All-in for the third hand in a row, Matuszewski moves over the top of the 55k open by Andrey Plotnikov and Luu undershoves, with Plotnikov calling both bets.

Plotinkov has Kc Kc
Matszewski is holding Kc Kc
Luu has Kc Kc

The flop goes Kc Kc Kc, Luu hits a pair, Matuszewski has a backdoor straight and so does Plotnikov.

Turn is Kc, two pair for Luu, Matuszewski is drawing dead and Plotnikov has a gutter to the Ten.

River is Kc and Luu triples to 300,000, Plotnikov slips to 1.25 million and Matuszewski is out in 9th, cashing for $7,193.

I need a coffee after that one.

Level - 24
Blinds 12k/24k
Antes 4k
Players - 8

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