Monday, March 13, 2017

Mai, That Was Sick, Tuan

Action folds to Tuan Mai on the button and he makes it 2,200. Ben Barad bumps it to 6,200 from the BB and Mai makes the call.

The flop is Kc Kc Tx, Barad leads out for 2,500 and Mai again makes the call.

Turn is Kc, Barad makes it 8,500 this time, and Mai - 14th Thursday at WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star for a career-best $42,610 cash - repops to 17,1200, with Barad flatting.

River is 4x, Barad leads out for 26,600 and Mai insta-jams, having Barad covered or very close to it.

Barad goes deep in to the tank, and finds a fold after more than a few minutes.

Mai shows Kc Kc for a busted draw.

Tuan Mai - 133,000
Barad, who started the day 4/197, was eliminated a few hands later.

Level - 11
Blinds - 600/1200
Antes - 200
Players Left - 189.

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