Thursday, March 9, 2017

No Bathrobe Thursday

When last we saw @Michael_Loncar he was taking down - again - the Ante Up NorCal Classic here at TVPokerRoom .. the day BEFORE he won, however, he was playing in a Full Tilt Poker bathrobe.

I don't ask questions, folks, I just write-'em-as-I-see-'em ... Loncar traded in the bathrobe for a leather jacket today, taking his place in the $250k GTD as a late entry.

Among others coming in the last few levels is Ting Ho,Mimi Luu, George Saca, Rickey Evans, Kathy Stahl, Sean Burson and Spartacus Pincombe.

Level - 5
Blinds - 150/300
Antes - 50
Entries - 163

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