Wednesday, March 8, 2017

No Brakes, They Have No Brakes

Day 1A @WPT $250,000 Guaranteed DeepStack is down to 32 players from the 111 total entries, and there's 30 minutes left in Level 11.

The average stack has 50BB and there's no indication anyone in the field has a brake pedal, as chips have been flying and players heading rapidly to the rail ever since dinner break ended.

62 players came back from dinner and 30 percent of the field was afflicted with the Post Dinner Break Food Coma as only 45 survived the first 40 minutes of play after dinner ended.

Another 13 are out in the next 50 minutes of play, including Ryan Laplante (above) who was knocked out in Level 10.

When will the brakes be applied? Stay tuned.

Level - 11
Blinds - 600/1200
Antes - 200
Players Left - 32

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