Friday, March 10, 2017

Unlucky 13 for Donnell

Reno's Lance Donnell moves in for his last 250k and Mario Lopez (above) makes the call.

Donnell is holding AJ but he's behind the AK of Lopez. The board runs out WilliamKassouf (nine-high) and Donnell is out in 13th place, cashing for $4,281.

Lopez, down to 6BB earlier today, is up to 575,000.

Andrey Plotnikov, however, over at table 2 has more chips than everyone at table 1 combined, including Lopez. Plotnikov has 1.7 of the 6.9m in play. Yeah, Table 2 has the vast majority of the chips still in play.

Level - 22
Blinds - 8k/16k
Antes - 2k
Players Left - 12

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