Tuesday, April 11, 2017

3 Jockeys Claim HORSE Title

While the final three players in today's $160 HORSE did an even chop, there's still the Series Champion points to deal with, so Joseph Ranciato's #TopStack earns the top points and the 'official,' title of Best Jockey. Here is the full list op payouts.

Nader Haddad earns his second cash of the series, gaining Bonus Points and moving in to 5th place overall.

Place Name City Payout Points
1 Joseph Ranciato Sacramento, CA $1,107 100
2 Nader Haddad Auburn, CA $1,107 70
3 Robert Lew Sacramento, CA $1,107 50
4 Mike Buti Sonoma, CA $619 44
5 Ronald Spence Citrus Heights, CA $160 38
6 Anthony Summers Sacramento, CA $160 33
7 Samedy Kuoch Sacramento, CA $160 28

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