Friday, April 14, 2017

40 = 0

There's one 40-minute level left until DAy1A comes to an end in the $300,000 Guaranteed WPTDeepStacks Main Event.

Among the players #BagHunting to make Sunday's Noon-start Day 2 is Mike Harvey, Cheri Wallace, Bao Liu, Michael Loncar, Allen Kessler, Brett Murray, Duke Lee, Mario Lopes, Loren Cloninger, Jon Des Pois, Phillip Rhodes, Niv Decalo, Kelly Douglas, Kathy Stahl, Neil Blumenfield, Amir Lehavot, Alex Greenblatt, Roy Armstrong, Yotam Shmuelov, Tristan Wade, Larissa Bushman, Mike Heshmati, Erik Matulis and Ubaid Habib.

Level - 15
Blinds - 1200/2400
Antes - 400
Remaining - 42/163

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