Sunday, April 16, 2017

41 Through 1 in $235 Stacked

Event 10 in @WPTDeepStacks series- $235 Stacked with a $10,000 guarantee - kicked off at 1pm. Players begin with 20,000 betting units and play 25-minute levels for the 5 levels of Registration, moving to 30-minute levels at 3:20pm when Level 6 begins snd registration closes.

One level is in the books and the board shows 41 entries. Some players busting out of Day 2 in the main event are moving over to Event 10.

Among the players in the field is Brenda DeWitt, Travis Fujisaka, David Olson, Lynda Hernandez, Roy Peters, Chris Hinchcliffe,,Tracey Oto, David Stanford, Said Rahmani, Zeev Malkin, Jimmy Zeledon and Roy Armstrong.

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