Sunday, April 16, 2017

Alex Bubbles Final Table

@Greenblatt1 moves all in for his last 560,000 on the first hand at the 10-handed unofficial final table. James Maxey snap-calls and everyone else gets out of the way.

Greenblatt has QQ but he's run in to Aces and it looks as though Maxey barely has Greenblatt covered.

The 9-J-4-9-2 flop means the aces hold, and the dealer counts down the stacks, finding that Greenblatt is covered. He is the final table bubble, cashing for $7,020.

Play is complete for the night. The final nine come back tomorrow at noon to play down to a champ taking home $85,900 - including a $3,000 package to the $1,000,000 guarantee WPTDS Season Championships being hosted here in December.

Level - 28
Blinds - 25k/50k
Antes - 5k
Entries - 9/425

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