Saturday, April 8, 2017

Blind on Blind Battle

Justo Avalos and Rickey Evans go at in in a SB v. BB clash.

The flop comes out 7-8-2 and Avalos repops Evans all-in, only to get snap-called. Avalos has Evans barely covered.

Avalos - 99 for the overpair
Evans - 22 for bottom set.

The T turn meas Avalos is open-ended, and the 9 river is et-over-set, an elimination here in Level 2 of Day 1C, and a new player on his way to table 1.

Justo Avalos - 35,000

There's a LevelUp and Action8 jumps to

Level - 3 Day 1C
Blinds - 150/300
Antes - 50
Entries This Flight - 163
Total Entries So Far - 639

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