Sunday, April 16, 2017

Building Stacks, the @KyleK_Poker Way

Picking up Aces and taking down a big pot, cracking aces and winning bigger ones, flopping quads ... these are some of the ways Kyle Kitagawa built a Day 1B-leading stack in the WPTDeepStacks $1100 Main Event.

Starting today 2/93 with w80k, Kitagawa has added a few stacks of orange 5k chips to push himself to 460,000 and the overall lead with 71 players remaining and a table breaking.

54 cash today, playing down to the final 9 who come back Monday with just shy of $86,000 up top.

'Round these parts, Kitagawa, Candace Collins and Kathy Stahl only get photos for Day 2 or longer .. it's a Day 2 so new photo time ...

Level - 17
Blinds - 2k/4k
Antes - 500
Remaining - 71/425

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