Sunday, April 9, 2017

Chipleader and a Royal, Too

How did Zachary Horton end up as overall Day1C chipleader at the end of the night?

Surprisingly, it was NOT by hitting a Royal Flush when Mario Lopez turned trip Aces, for somehow the two players did NOT get all their chips in the middle with 22 players remaining.

Horton simply chipped up constantly all evening, closing out with 907,000 and the top stack of the night.

Here are the 18 total players who are advancing to Sunday's Noon-start for Day 2, with $29,400 Up Top. There was scheduled to be 55 players total moving on to Sunday, but Lopez bagged twice, so he gets to cash out his #ShortBag for $550 and play his #BigStack, with 54 total players moving on.

Zachary Horton n/a 907,000
Christopher Kostoulas SF, CA 457,000
Dal Bains Yuba City, CA 327,000
Marcus Mims Alameda, CA 316,000
Touraj Jovran Orinda, CA 296,000
Sokyung Kim Daly City, CA 276,000
Christopher Lachawicz Oakhurst, CA 253,000
Eric Smyth Livermore, CA 238,000
Larry Huey Sacramento, CA 236,000
Giuseppe Petrillo Roseville, CA 163,000
Patrick Testoni Santa Cruz, CA 143,000
Johnny Martinez Duublin, CA 135,000
Sou  Saeturn Sacramento, CA 130,000
Daniel Stovall-Hinkle Antelope, CA 92,000
Brad Court Roseville, CA 71,000
Justo Avalos Elk Grove, CA 41,000
Michael Doerr Rocklin, CA 10,000

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