Saturday, April 8, 2017

Nuon Crushed End of Action8 Day 1A

started hammering away at the Action8 field about 10 players before the money and never took his foot off the gas pedal for the rest of the night. moved from 200,000 to a staggering 912,000 chiplead - almost 2x 2nd place - by the time the final 15 players had bagged up for the night and moved on to Sunday's Day 2.

Here are the overall counts for the final 15 players.

Makara Nuon Stockton, CA 912,000
Kevin O'Donnell Petaluma, CA 494,000
Sue Xiong Merced, CA 393,000
Bao Liu SF, CA 346,000
Kathy Stahl Manteca, CA 328,000
Tou Her Sacramento, CA 251,000
Kevin Sears Chico, CA 234,000
Brian Phills Dike, IA 201,000
Sergio Vargas Pittsburg, CA 195,000
Dave Hillemeyer McKinleyville, CA 143,000
Jeff DeWitt Surprise, AZ 118,000
Eyyal Altar Walnut Creek, CA 116,000
Ryan Hartsoch Rocklin, CA 91,000
Monte Gilley Live Oak, CA 79,000
Lorena Chiquillo Elk Grove, CA 61,000

Day 1B goes at 11am Saturday, and the final flight - Day 1C - starts Saturday at 5pm.

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