Sunday, April 9, 2017

Double for @PokerNews916

Both blinds join Matt Boddorf to a Q-6-6 flop. The SB bets 25,000, the BB comes along as does Boddorf. The turn is a 2, the BB makes it 25,000 more, Boddorf comes along and the SB gets out of the way.

The river is a third 6, the BB bets 40,000, Boddorf moves all-in and gets a call.

The BB shows K-Q for a flopped two pair that went Boat On The River.

Boddorf has slow-played his own boat, holding Q-Q anf flopping a boat that held up because Timon Rooney (not in the hand) had mucked the case 6.

Matt Boddorf - 615,000

(Hand history courtesy of JeffTheDealer)

Level - 19
Blinds - 8k/16k
Antes - 2k
Remaining - 37/702

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