Sunday, April 16, 2017

It's Getting Weird

Prasad Inamdar was up to 1,500,000 but dropped a huge pot to Niv Decalo when his straight draw missed. The chips kept slipping away and he just moved all in for his last 8BB with 8T, called by the 6-6 of Kieng Lieng and .. the K-K of Alex Greenblatt. Greenblatt holds and the night is over, the final table all set.

There's not one but two 8's on the flop, a Ten on the turn and Inamdar goes Boat Don't Lie, tripling up, with Lieng losing out to the Kings' of Greenblatt.

Mimi Luu has moved to 1,500,000 with a series of double-ups and Greenblatt is down to 700k

Level - 27
Blinds - 20k/40k
Antes - 5k
Entries - 11

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