Sunday, April 9, 2017

Nearly 3 All in

Jeffrey Cho moves all-in preflop and Matt Cardinalli moves over-the-top all-in, then Matt Boddorf says, "We might have a 3-way all-in here," as he looks down at his cards.

"I have a pair, but you have a pair too," he says to Cardinalli who just smiles.

Boddorf finds a fold, says he mucked 5-5.

Cho shows 7-7 and Cardinalli shows J-J, so Boddorf is relieved to see he was 3rd best preflop, on the flop turn and river as well, as the Jacks hold and Cardinalli scores the first knockout of Day2.

Matt Cardinalli - 400,000

Level - 17
Blinds - 5k/10k
Antes - 1k
Entries - 53/702

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