Sunday, April 16, 2017

Nguyen Triples, Loncar Almost Doubles

2013 WSOP Main Event 3rd place finisher Amir Lehavot opens for 7,500 and action folds around to Toan Nguyen, who moves all in from the SB for 38,500. Michael Loncar asks for a count from the BB and makes the call. Lehavot pauses for a little more than a minute, then announces he's also all-in and Loncar snap-calls.

Nguyen - AK
Lehavot - JJ
Loncar - QQ

The board runs out 6-K-9-7-6, Nguyen triples up and Loncar knocks Lehavot out 30 from the money.

Toan Nguyen - 120,000
Michael Loncar - 170,000

Level - 16
Blinds - 1500/3k
Antes - 500
Remaining - 85/425

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