Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Not This Time, @WPTDeepStacks @PokerAtlantis Champ

Rommel Santos is the newest US WPTDeepStacks Champ, having taken down the $1100 at Atlantis Reno two weekends ago. A regular player here at TVPoker Room, Santos jumped in tonight's $235 Stacked and decided it was time to put his betting units all at risk.

Santos was all-in-and-at-risk with his 7/7 against K/K and also against 6/6.

Nobody ended up with a set, the Kings held and Santos is out, headed off to prep to start on Friday to go after back-to-back WPTDeepStacks titles.

Players are now on a break, when they return the action advances to

Level - 11
Blinds -1500/3k
Antes - 500
Remaining - 72/154

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