Friday, July 21, 2017

808 Through 3 Flights

@AnteUpMagazine Worlds Event 1C registration is closed and the board shows the third Catapult flight drew 303 entries.

Play ends tonight when down to 25 players. Those finishing 26-31st place all cash for $300 but do not bag a Day 2 stack. Players who bag tonight come back Sunday at 1pm for Day 2 and play down to a winner.

This pushes the total field now to 808 entries - with what is anticipated to be the two largest starting flights taking place tomorrow.

Day 1D starts at 9am (this is NOT a typo, start is 9am) and the final flight gets underway at 5pm.

Level - 7
Blinds - 400/800
Antes - 100
Entries - 303
Total Tourney Entries S0 Far - 808

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