Saturday, July 22, 2017

All in, All in , All in

Matt Boddorf is all in preflop, Chris Hinchcliffe moves all in as well, and Uriel Barron (above) calls off his remaining 4,350 preflop also .

So, let's see the cards

Boddorf - QQ
Hinchcliffe - JJ
Barron - AJ

Boddorf is around 60 percent to take this down, and Hinchcliffe is calling for a Jack ... until the flop goes A-K-T and Barron takes the lead, with Hinchcliffe now willing to let Boddorf get his Queen.

Well, the board runs out 7-4, triples up Barron, and Boddort gets an extra 7,200 from Hinchliffe - who is left with about 2,200.

Is it too early in the day for that much preflop action?

Level - 3
Blinds - 100/200
Entries - 255
Total Tourney Entries So Far - 1063

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