Thursday, July 27, 2017

Bonus Series Points for Multiple Cashes

The first 14 events in the @AnteUpMagazine Worlds are part of the Player of the Series race, with players earning points for finishing in-the-money in those tournaments. The top three players on the Series Leaderboard after 14 events earn the following prizes.
  • 1st place - $1650 Ante Up World Championship entry + one-night hotel stay during Championship
  • 2nd place - $200 High Steaks Steakhouse credit + one-night hotel stay during Championship
  • 3rd place - $100 Red Lantern credit + one-night hotel stay during Championship
Cash in more than one tournament and earn Bonus Points for those extra cashes. Paying the bubble does not earn bonus points, however, for the bubble-players.
  • 2nd series cash = 10 bonus points
  • 3rd series cash = 15 bonus points
  • 4th series cash = 20 bonus points
  • 5+ series cashes = 25 bonus points per additional cash
Here's the players with multiple cashes through 8 of the 14 events and their Bonus Points categories.

2 cashes 3 cashes 4 cashes 5+cashes
R. Blankenship W. Alejandro M. Rosenberg
M. Boddorf C. Aseberos
P. Brown M. Gomez
R. Coffee
J. Downs
H. Epps
M. Gorenc
J. Hernandez
J. Niccum
J. Pak
G. Pisarek
D. Reilly
G. Tanko
D. Van
B. Waller
B. Zhu

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