Saturday, July 29, 2017

Final Day 1D Chipcounts

Patrick Ng took most of Billy Casey's chips and ran from that point to put a world of hurt on the rest of the field in Day 1D of the Monolith. By the time the last hand was dealt, Ng was nearly 300k clear of his entrymates and about 35BB clear of the entire Day 2 field.

Here's the final Day 1D chipcounts for the 35 players advancing - from a field of 353 - on to Sunday's Day 2. Below that are the players who cashed but did not move on. There was a double-knockout on the final hand of play, so two players from this flight chop a Day 1 and a Day 2 payout.

Patrick Ng San Jose, CA 734,500
Nick Maslovtsov Sacramento, CA 448,000
Dalton Still Rocklin, CA 395,000
Marcos Stokes Livermore, CA 387,000
Toan Nguyen Sacramento, CA 371,500
Brett Murray Santa Rosa, CA 353,500
Mike Postle RCH. Cord, CA 343,000
Wilson Chan Union City, CA 318,000
Rafael Haroutiounian Elk Grove, CA 280,000
Joga Shahota Tyuba City, CA 254,000
Charlito Aseberos Elk Grove, CA 228,000
Joseph Shuffelberger Chico, CA 210,000
Steven Gibbs Las Vegas, NV 205,000
Vikram Bhati Sunnyvale, CA 186,000
Eliseo Cunha Hanford, CA 184,500
Ronald Quinones Stockton, CA 178,000
Christopher Penfield Roseville, CA 177,000
Hansong Wu Dublin, CA 175,500
Joshua Hannah Jacksonville, FL 166,500
Reginald Pears EDR, CA 130,500
Jimmy Li SF, CA 125,000
Shannon Kahahane Lincoln, CA 120,000
Ryan Belcher San Bruno, CA 113,000
Justin Branch Elk Grove, CA 111,000
Marko Carluen Lathrop, CA 110,000
Donna Delfin n/a 104,000
Tony Barrera San Leandro, CA 102,000
Casey Cornilson Roseville, CA 88,500
Touraj Touran Orinda, CA 83,500
Brad Court Roseville, CA 81,500
Rich Balistreri Auburn, CA 80,500
Arthur Haroutiounian Napa, CA 63,000
Shaneal Singh Tracy, CA 50,500
Shintaro Bourbonnais n/a 49,000
Chuck Davy Diamond Springs, CA 32,000

Kaveeshwara Dirkala $713
Michael Hubbard $712
Isaac Leong $650
Lu Wang $650
Andreas Knniep $650
James Kilgore $650
Sergei Tolkachov $650
Dennis Morrison $650

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