Friday, July 28, 2017

Here They All Come

Just one level down in Day 1B and the field size is already almost equal to what this tournament drew last July.

Among those here as Level 2 kicks off is Bill Watchman, Marty Gorenc, Srini Godavarthy, Mason Rosenberg, Randy Gil, John Mercer, Sylvia Day, Jasthi Kumar, Dermot Lyons, Travis Fujisaka, Darrell Dier, Rick Colson, Al Sanchez, Sharon Sanchez, Sean Burson, Mike Harvey, Mivhael Cooper, Paul Brown, Brett Murray, Tahoe Andrew, John Bettencourt, Ed Miller, Jamie Romes, Tommy Carpenter, Jed Hoffman, Justo Avalos, Chris Penfield, Daniel Evans, Harlan Karnofsky, Monte Gilley, Candida Ross-Powers, Tony Yuke and many more

Level - 2
Blinds - 75/150
Entries - 134
Total Entries S0 far - 262

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