Thursday, July 27, 2017


On the final hand at Table 10 before it breaks, there's an open to 1,500, a flat from Kelly Douglas (above), then a 3-bet to 6,000 from a 3rd player. Both the original raiser and Douglas call.

The flop is K-J-x and - before another card can hit the felt - the original raiser is out of the pot, Douglas and the 3-bet player have all their chips in the middle.

3-Bet - Kc Kc for TopTop
Douglas - Kc Kc for TopTwo

No Ace on the turn, no Barry Greenstein on the river and Douglas scores a knockout, moving to 70,000.

Level - 8
Blinds - 300/600
Antes - 75
Remaining - 70/128

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