Wednesday, August 2, 2017

$400 Head to Head Championships Thursday

64 players are participating in the 2017 Ante Up worlds Head to head Championship, so be sure to buy in as soon as you can.

The only head-to-head tournament at TVPokerRoom each year kicks off at 11am Thursday for the 64 entrants.

10am is the live drawing for first-round matches, so be sure to be here by that time to see who you're going to be up against.

Players begin each match in this single-elimination, one-day event with 20,000 chips and play 20-minute levels heads up against one another.

The final 8 players make the money, with the winner taking home $6,528.

Four players won their way in to the tournament in a Wednesday satellite, so there's only 60 seats open for purchase, and a good number of those have already been bought.

Buy in at the main poker room cashier now and play Head to Head on Thursday.

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