Friday, August 4, 2017

Early Risers

Former Ante Up World Champ Cy Williams and former LAPC Champ Hafiz Khan (above) are among the 80 who are in the field to get Level 1 moving along in the 2017 Ante Up World Championship.

Joining those two in the field so far is  Duke Lee, Scott Ball, Candace Collins, John Hadley, Darrel Dier, Dalton Still, Mike Harvey, Sam Kuoch, Hafiz Khan, Nikolay Mavolvtsov, Al Sanchez, David Olson, Craig Buchmiller, Harlan Karnofsky, Rafael Gonzalez, Chad Vitale, Loren Cloninger, Amber Chatwin, Larry John Bettencourt, Jed Hoffman, Jimmy Zeledon, Saad Aljoher, Ed Miller and Srini Chadhoury.

Level - 1
Blinds - 50/100
Entries - 80

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